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Visionary Landscapes is pleased to introduce EcoFinish™ pool finish and Aquabright as a solution to treat your pool.

Visionary Landscapes is proud to present the EcoFinish™ pool finish to our customers.

EcoFinish™ is an eco-friendly alternative that eliminates virtually all of the problems associated with other pool finishes on the market today. EcoFinish™ is a permanent finish that has changed the pool surfacing industry.

AquaBright, the principal product offered by Upper Canada Pool Coatings, was developed specifically for concrete, cementitious, plaster, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and hybrid pools and spas. Available in ten colours, AquaBright is the signature high performance pool finish developed by EcoFinish™ as a solution for traditional paint and plaster issues. So why use this product? First, it cures in seconds, not weeks, so you can start enjoying your pool as soon as possible. The durability outlasts conventional finishes up to seven times longer, meaning less money spent on maintaining your pool's appearance. It also keeps up the beauty and architectural colour range of aggregate finishes while resisting chipping, peeling and scratching. Lastly, AquaBright is virtually fade-resistant and slip-resistant, which allows for a stress-free poolside experience.

Visionary Landscapes is especially pleased with EcoFinish™ since it contains no solvents and reduces waste associated with plaster and paint, and uses no heavy trucks or equipment to transport in order to reduce fossil fuel use. All in all, you'll be glad you decided to use EcoFinish™ and AquaBright to treat your pool.

Finally, there is such a thing as a worry-free swimming pool finish. To see swatches of available pool colours, visit Canada Pool Coating, Canadian Distributor for EcoFinish™.

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